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T.O.W. #1: My Blogging Habits

January. 21. 2010.

I have always loved to blog. My first one was a Xanga I kept from 8th grade to 10th grade. I would recap events that happened throughout the day and my classmates commented on the ones they were involved in. (Needless to say, it became very helpful for when we had to write Senior Memoirs for our yearbook spot). Since then, however, I have had a dry spell. College is so busy that it is impossible to blog about the many different experiences that happen in a day. Most of the things I write about are too personal to be put in a blog so, being the musician I am, I put them in a song instead.

My four unexpected passions are music, fashion, Marvel superheroes (or anything remotely geeky), and the New York Yankees. These blogs represent four very different demographics that rarely overlap. That goes without saying. If I were to define myself in a word choose…eclectic.

e·clec·tic: adj. selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas (TheFreeDictionary)

That being said, I keep up with the following blogs:

I am trying to be a part of It’s an online community where you can post innovative and creative pictures of yourself modeling unique outfits you put together. People can comment on them or “hype” them. Because it is an invitation-only website, I am putting together a portfolio for them to accept me into the community. If I ever wanted a second job as fashion pubic relations pro, I would want to have that on my resume.

♥, Daniella.

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