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T.O.W. #2: Grammar Girl

January. 26. 2010.

Readers share Their Funny Errors by Grammar Girl

What did I learn?

It is very, very, VERY, VERY important to make sure that you double-check your spelling when you type. Spell Check is not always the best way to proofread your work. It can “correct” words that are not in the computer’s dictionary and you want spelled a certain way. It can also miss words like the difference between the and thee. Some computers are unable to tell the difference between homophones (such as, where and wear or there, their, and they’re).

After reading the ridiculous mistakes presented in this article, a thorough scan to avoid embarrassment is most definitely needed. Grammar Girl recommends reading your drafts out-loud. “No matter how much I proofread my scripts, I almost always catch at least one error when I read them,” she writes.
What surprised me?

The examples completely took me by surprise! They were the most preposterous mistakes I have ever heard. Mortifying, to say the least. Some include:

  • “Meet With Christ in Tulsa” instead of “Meet with Chris in Tulsa”
  • “a holy massage” from God instead of a holy message from God”
  • “psycho the rapist” instead of psychotherapist”
  • “my previous wife” instead of my precious wife”
  • “new student urination” instead of new student orientation”
  • “For erectile dysfunction, Cialis” instead of “For erectile dysfunction, see Alice”
  • “I know you must be busty” instead of “I know you must be busy”
  • “Church of Untied Methodists” instead of “Church of United Methodists”

What do you want to know more about?

I was having so much fun reading the mistakes that were sent out, texted, e-mailed, or printed for many to see. I would like to know how (or if) they tried to fix their errors. How does a story that begins with embarrassing grammar end?

♥, Daniella.

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