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About CPR

January. 29. 2010.

My client that I am “featuring” on this blog is the touring worship band CPR. Therefore, it is only fair that you know who they are! After having them all fill out a form, I’ve put together a corny summary of each of their personalities:

Richard Ellis: Acoustic Guitar/ Band Leader

Place of Origin: Sunshine State of Florida
Future Plans: Joining the Marines after college and hopefully SWAT TEAM!
Far Out Dream: Opening my own music production company
Proudest Achievement: Zipping the longest and highest zip-line in the world (1800 ft. high; mile long)
Biblical Role Model: David, a musician used by God.

Daniella De Boulay: Lower Vocal/ Band Administrator

Place of Origin: Jamaica, Queens, New York
Passions: Music, Fashion, Spider-Man comics and cartoons, New York Yankees
Guilty Pleasures: Guitar Hero, RockBand
Proudest Achievements: Scoring 100% in Guitar Hero…on expert!
Majors: Double Major in Church Music and Music Business
Live Role Model: Kim Walker, my favorite worship leader

Megan Morales: Higher Vocal

Place of Origin: Long Island, New York
Guilty Pleasure: Doing interpretive dance during band practice
Live Role Model: Audrey Hepburn
Major: Special Education
Future Goals: Travel internationally to help children with special needs
Greatest Achievement: singing for a Christian rap group in New York when I was 13

Brock Casey: Electric Guitar

Place of Origin: Cape Coral, Florida
Pride and Joy: My Baby…my red mustang.
Call on My Life: To be used in both natural and spiritual warfare
Future Goals: Army Chaplain
Major and Occupation: Pastoral Ministries, youth pastor

Dustin King: Electric Guitar

Place of Origin: Florida
Nickname: John Mayer
Major: Church Music
Guilty Pleasure: Playing my acoustic guitar as I walk around campus
Guilty Admission: Musicals
Future Goals: To be a ROCKSTAR for Christ

Michelle Normandia: Keys

Place of Origin: Long Island, New York
Major: Psychology
Favorite Hobby: Naps
Proudest Achievement: Valedictorian of my high school class
Biblical Role Model: Esther

Steven Padgett: Bass Guitar

Place of Origin: Florida
Random Fact: I also play the French Horn
Greatest Acheivement: Most eaten Sloppy Joes at band camp
Biblical Role Model: Stephen the Martyr

Jeremy Windhorst: Drums, Box

Place of Origin: California
Major: History
Random Fact: I’m a military brat
Future Goals: Naval Officer
Biblical Role Models: Joshua and Paul

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Richard Ellis permalink
    February. 2. 2010. 4:28 pm

    Wow I love all of you guys so much! thanks for working so hard to make this band such an awesome group!


  2. Ashley Wright permalink
    February. 3. 2010. 8:31 am

    You guys are incredible. Playing for the right reasons with your hearts in the right place as well. Stick to Matthew 6:33 and you’ll reach points beyond what you could have imagined. You rock 🙂

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