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January. 31. 2010.

College Fashion

Comment Number: #1

Title of Blog: “Fresh Fashion Icon: Chanel Iman” by Kim – Cal State

My Comment: Not only is Chanel a beautiful inspiration to visit the gym more often, she is also a fashion inspiration. She has a style that floats all over the place. I love how refreshingly unexpected it is! I am inspired by her ability to combine tough pieces with soft pieces. It is almost as if she thinks about which persona she will take on for that particular day. She changes from rockstar to prep-school girl to bohemian to hippie to even Audrey Hepburn (as shown in the H&M Holiday 2009 issue). I love how you put together the eclectic and unique style she has!

Comment Number: #2

Title of Blog: “Got a heart of glass or a heart of stone, just you wait ’til I get you home…” by Jeff P.

My Comment: The nerd glasses remind me a little of Truman Capote. However, you brought a “The Who” edge with a spin of class to it. The background was such a perfect way to connect those Converses in. My attention was immediately drawn to this picture because of that act of genius. Did you actually buy that flag to make a backdrop? The Title of this is “Got a heart of glass or a heart of stone, just you wait ’til I get you home…” I am curious as to who wrote this passage and what inspired you to name this after it?

Comment Number: #3

Title of Blog: “A Million Hearts Have Felt This Way” by Rachel Marie I.

My Comment: From the looks of your corporate style on LookBook, I see that you are a fan of floral. However, you always give them a gritty edge that is unexpected. In this picture, you also overcome the dreaded “chocolate chip factor!” I love seeing people successfully triumph over the usual “gross-ness” that can come with putting dark brown and black together. Little details in this photo like the shadow cast on the wall and the bow on the boots. It also seems that there is a bit of an actress in you. The photography and dramatic flair you bring to this, is absolutely surreal. Hyped!


Comment Number: #4

Title of Blog: D.I.Y. Proenza Schouler S/S 10

My Comment: I heard that Kristen Stewart wore a tie-dye Do It Yourself ensemble the other day. How long did this take you and is it really as simple as it looks? It honestly looks like you just bought this from the store. I know there are many Do It Yourself clothes projects that can look like it’s been made at home, but looks 100% absolutely professional. Is there any way you could upload a video showing us how to create this kind of tie-dye ourselves? I know I have a lot of questions, but I am so fascinated by your creativity and curious on how to replicate it! Spring’s approaching and I need to try this soon!

The Skinny

Comment Number: #5


My Comment: I have wanted a pair of these harem pants for years now, yet my friends have always told me how “MC Hammer” they look. Now, I have a bit of inspiration from my favorite store to 🙂 Harem pants have always been a sticky piece. They are always in Vogue and Glamour, but always rejected in magazine that talk about “Fashion Don’ts.” You should show different ways to incorporate these into a LookBook. For instance, show how to wear them casually, for work, at night, dramatically, subtly, etc. It would inspire more people to see how fashionable they really are. As always, your trends are adorable! I would love to see these harem pants put into a visual portfolio!

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