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Will Blog Bands Stand the Test of Time?

January. 31. 2010.

Will Blog Bands Stand the Test of Time????

This article analyzes how bands “blow up” by using blogs. The author describes a blog band as “a band that gets hyped up by bloggers like myself. It tends to start out with one blogger ‘discovering’ them, and elevates to a massive drool fest over the Internet. This band usually sounds super cool, or has a sad underdog story, and for a short while everyone just wants to help them.” He goes on to say that the problem with blog bands is that they are like one-hit wonders. They have a burst of massive success and then everybody forgets about them.

What is it that I could do to make my client a band worth blogging and worthy of capturing fan’s long-term attention that evolves into loyalty? As I listed the different blogs and community pages that I am a part of, I realized that they all have one thing in common. THERE ARE A LOT OF PICTURES. Seriously. I was that kid that refused to read books without the pictures. On some of them, there are also videos that are relevant to their posts. The fashion blogs have runway videos. The Yankees one has interviews with the players from time to time. The Marvel News one introduces new movie trailers. So I’ll tap into my geek side and call it, in general, multimedia.

My ideas to captivate my readers…

  • Videos of CPR on the road
  • Videos of CPR in concert
  • Pictures of CPR gigs and practice
  • Polls asking what new song to do next
  • Original songs as they’re written and recorded
  • A word from the band members themselves
  • Treat this blog as a story and not a news reel

What do you think???? What other things could I do to draw in readers????

♥, Daniella.

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