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How to Blog ALMOST Everyday

February. 1. 2010.

How to Blog Almost Everyday

I know my ultimate weakness when keeping up with a blog is exactly that…keeping up with it. As a result, I wanted to find an article that would give me ideas on how to be a frequent blogger…a consistent one. This is the reason I have deleted accounts and started over so many times. To me, it looks like I have failed to do what a blogger’s purpose is to do: consistently write and inform. So, I am compelled to start from scratch. I am doing very well with my new one (Risky Bloom). Check it out when you have the chance!

Ways that I have learned to make sure that you are writing in your blog at least one to two times a week are the following:

  1. Make sure you always have an idea of a topic when you are ready to post. If you are serious about your blog, then I would suggest keeping a little notebook around. When you have a random set of inspiration that comes out, write it down. This way, when you need to write a post, you don’t waste time trying to remember what it is that you were thinking about. Some cell phones have applications that work like word processing documents. Save it in there.
  2. Use the Queue function. Some blogs will let you save posts and have published whenever you would like them to be published. Being that April is a crazy month and it is the en of the semester, this proved to be a very useful tool for me. On my personal blog, I queued a month’s worth of posts! It looks like I keep up with it everyday!
  3. Connect your cell phone to our blog. Most blogs give you an e-mail to text your posts in. Texting on a cell phone is much more accessible than sitting down at a computer.
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