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CPR’s Set List For This Weekend

February. 2. 2010.

This weekend CPR is traveling to Cape Coral, Florida for a Youth Rally and two Sunday morning services. It’s the church at which our electric guitarist Brock is a youth pastor. After a meeting in our campus cafe, Rich, Michelle, and I chose the following songs for the weekend (ok ok, maybe Michelle brought 90% of the songs wisely to the table).

Our Youth Rally Set List:

  1. Wake Up the World (Gateway Worship) – Rich
  2. All Because of Jesus (Steve Fee) – Rich
  3. Hosanna (Hillsong United) – Megan
  4. Who You Are (Desperation Ban) – Rich
  5. Revelation Song (Kari Jobe) – Daniella a.k.a. Me
  6. More I Seek You (Kari Jobe) – Daniella a.k.a. Me

Sunday Morning Set List:

  1. Your Grace Is Enough (Chris Tomlin) – Rich
  2. Hosanna (Hillsong United) – Megan
  3. Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful (JesusCulture) – Daniella a.k.a. Me
  4. Who You Are (Desparation Band) – Rich
  5. Where Your Love Lasts Forever (Hillsong United) – Megan
  6. Cannons (Phil Wickham) – Daniella a.k.a. Me

We blew through the Youth Rally songs like nothing at last night’s practice. It was more different than any other rehearsal we’ve ever had. Every band member was actually worshiping during it! (A worship team…WORSHIPING??)

This just proves that sometimes a band can get so caught up in the guitar riff or the harmonies that they can lose sight of their entire purpose for being a band in the first place: to make others aware of God’s presence. I use the word aware rather lead because how can you lead God’s people into a presence that is ever-present? He is everywhere. As a worship band, our job is to make them realize and take of advantage of it.

Last night, God’s presence was, as Kim Walker once put it, “thick and tangible.”

Reviving the Heart of Worship, CPR.


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