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T.O.W. #3: Blog Comments

February. 2. 2010.

Comments on a Blog

Comments are very crucial to a blog. In fact, I believe that if you don’t have comments on your blog…it probably isn’t a blog. Yeah, you’re writing in it; but no one’s reading it!

There are a lot of ways to get comments, you just have to do it in a way that the reader feels fulfilled after they have added to your post. Make them feel as if you need them.

On the opposite end, it is important that when you leave a comment it is RACY!

  1. Relevant,
  2. Altruistic,
  3. Correct,
  4. and Yours

Let’s pretend that the post is about the blogger’s taste and opinion in music compared to Billboard facts.

Relevant: It is important that what you have to say is related to what the blogger has posted.

  • Irrelevant Comment: I sang with my band in a concert the other day and had a lot of fun!
  • Relevant Comment: It’s interesting how our personal opinions can be so different compared to what the “general public” has to say on the Billboards charts.

Altruistic: It is important that what you have to say is polite, constructive, and helpful – whether you agree or disagree.

  • Anti-Altruistic Comment: Whoa! Where the heck did you get your information on this band? Out of your butt?!
  • Altruistic Comment: Where did you get that bit on that indie band? I read something different over here. (Website url here).

Correct: It is important that what you have to say is spelled and grammatically correct. It’s always a buzz-kill to read a comment and not understand or misunderstand it. Make sure what you have to say cannot be taken in any other ways other than what you wish for them to read.

  • Incorrect Comment: Here you!
  • Correct Comment: I hear you!

Yours: It is important that what you have to say reflects your unique style and personality. Everyone has a bit of vocabulary that may seems out of the ordinary for some. Use it!

A Blah Comment: Neat. That’s sounds like you had a lot of fun at that concert.
Your Comment: Wow…I’m speechless. That sounds like a legit one-of-a-kind lifetime experience! Post pictures!

So, my advice to all you bloggers and fans of bloggers. Make your comments RACY!

♥, Daniella.

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