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Comments #6-9

February. 3. 2010.

Whatever It Takes

by The Color Sisterhood Blog

Comment #6

My Comment: Being that I want to be involved in music ministry, this unexpected blog post was a blessing! I am really glad that you decided to write it! Having joy and being able to see the positive side in all situations is definitely something that will carry me through. Let’s face it, some people in the ministry are not so lovable. Some Christians serving the Lord sometimes act like they have been baptized in lemonade! Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” How true this is!! When you say that it is all about more perspective, you could not be more right.

How to Lead a Lousy Worship Service

by Ken Collins

 Comment #7

My Comment: You should an article Chris Tomlin wrote called“Leading Boldly But Humbly.” I’ve struggled with how exactly to lead worship. I know there are many ways to lead God’s people in a worship service. Kim Walker leads from the side and barely looks at anyone in the crowd. Most of the time, her eyes are closed. However, she leads with such passion and intent that she still manages to speak to them. There is a band on campus that sometimes plays with their backs to the crowd because they want to make sure all the attention is given to God. Are these wrong ways? I don’t believe so. Not if God was glorified, and I believe He was. If your action hinders others from worship, then it is wrong. Even though, I have come to this conclusion, I am still trying to find out my own personal style of leading worship.

Why Your Unique Creative Expressions Matter

by The Church of Facebook

Comment #8

My Comment: As worshippers and artists, we should look to His handiwork and use it as inspiration to outwardly express creativity. We are made in His image; therefore, just as our Father is creative, so should we. Matt Redman once wrote, “Creativity in its purest form is a reflex―a flash of inspiration coming forth from the artist who has glimpsed the splendor of the Divine.” Creativity does not come from our desires to be musically clever but what he calls “an imaginative and heartfelt response to the received revelation of God.” Creativity is a response to our Creator. I agree with this because the best creativity is inspired by some work of God or a past handprint we are now admiring.

Summer in the Psalms

by Dean Boyer

Comment #9

My Comment: While 65 of the books in the Bible speak to us, Psalms is the one book that speaks for us. These writers reveal their vulnerable and innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They also provide 150 direct examples on how to communicate with God. After having this revelation, I started to add four Psalms to each of my devotions. I want to say that I have looked into the soul of every single writer. I see the Psalms as a journal written by multiple people. In it, there are cries to God for help in the midst of distress, thanks to God during the good times and band, please for forgiveness, and declaration of passionate love for Him.

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