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Chapter 6: News Features

February. 25. 2010.

Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques

by Dennis L. Wilcox

The Value of Feature

  • Feature Story – provides additional information nd creates understanding in a more imagination way
  1. provide more information to the consumer
  2. give background and context about organization
  3. provide behind the…
  • The concept of publishing “news you can use” -> service journalism
  • WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?
  1. save time
  2. make more money
  3. save money
  4. or get something free

Planning a News Feature

  • Ways to proceed
  1. Write a general feature and distribut it to a variety of publications in much the same way as news release are sent
  2. Write an exclusive featre fr a speciic publication
  3. Don’t write a feature at all, instead interest a reporter or a freelance writer in the idea
  4. Post the feature in your organization’s website for possible downloading by journalists and publishers
  • Types of Features
  1. case studies
  2. application stories
  3. research studies
  4. backgrounders
  5. personality profiles
  6. historical pieces
  • Parts of a Feature
  1. Headline
  2. Lead
  3. Summary
  4. Photos and Graphics
  • Placement Opportunities
  1. Newspapers
  2. General Magazines
  3. Internal Publications
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