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Ways to Promote CPR

February. 28. 2010.

77 Ways to Promote Your Band

Using some of the ideas from this website article, I put together 10 promotions and events that will make CPR a well-known band that is desired to frequently play at gigs and eventually tour:

  1. Host a benefit concert supporting Haiti
  2. Pins, T-shirts, bumper stickers
  3. Create a Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace account that plays their original music
  4. build and launch a website with videos, pictures, blog, music, contact info, etc.
  5. Create a blog that forces readers to be emotionally attached to the band without really knowing them
  6. Submit the blog to blog directories
  7. Contact Local Newspaper to see if they will do a write up on CPR
  8. Have business cards ready to give out
  9. Seek out a professional photographer for band photos
  10. Post about CPR in local music forums
  11. Upload videos of music and shows in YouTube
  12. Release Demo CDs to record companies
  13. Ask SEU Radio Station to promote CPR by playing their music
  14. Ask to open for more established bands
  15. Start recording an album with original songs
  16. Start arranging cover songs
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