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Do You Know CPR?

March. 1. 2010.

I wrote a news release for CPR this week. It was very funny to put together being that I’m part of the band myself. Interviewing my friends was a hilarious experience.


Do You Know CPR?
by Daniella J. De Boulay
LAKELAND, Fl, February 28, 2010 — It’s 6 am. Two SUVs complete with two keyboards, two electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, djembe, and drum set pull out of Southeastern University on their way to start day one of recording their new single “Blessed Be Your Name.”

In the Jeep Cherokee, Dustin, lead electric, takes out his plastic guitar from Guitar Hero, hooks it up to his Mac, and begins recording potential band songs. Steven, bassist, knocks out after eating a full box of glazed donuts. Daniella, singer, plays DJ in the passenger seat, starting off with her all-time classic rock favorite: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Jeremy, drummer, takes a sip from his Monster at the wheel then mischievously hides Daniella’s beloved cell phone as she scrolls the IPod for the next song.

In the Ford Explorer, Rich, band leader and acoustic guitarist, screams “BURGERS!” for every cow he passes on the highway and “GLUE!” for every horse. Brock, rhythm guitarist, begs for some Led Zepellin. Megan, singer, does some Ringer movie impersonations. Michelle, lead keyboardist, gives up begging for quiet, so she joins the ruckus.

It has been an overwhelming week for CPR. As a touring worship band, they are practicing, traveling on the road, organizing events and leading worship services for about 40 hours a week. This includes their newly-hired employer No Limits Church.

“I think what keeps us busier than most college bands is the fact that we are so eclectic,” Dustin yawns. “Our music is inspired by gospel, blues, jazz, classical, alternative, pop rock, and hardcore rock. It’s impossible to say that you have mastered the art of each of them. As a musician, it’s exhausting…but a good exhausting.”

A typical week? Mondays are meetings for Rich and Daniella, his ‘right-hand man’ about future set-lists and events; Tuesdays are potential days to play in campus chapel; Wednesdays are band practices for Thursdays’ No Limits Youth Group Services; Fridays is a God-given break; and Saturdays are band practices for No Limits’ Sunday morning services. And the cycle starts all over again.

“When someone comes up to you after a service and tells you how God moved through your music, the stress is definitely worth it―even though you still have a 10-page paper to write that is due at midnight,” Michelle, a Resident Assistant on campus laughs. “I don’t know how it all gets done, but it does.”

The hectic schedule of CPR has not prohibited them from recording their long-awaited single, an original rendition of the moldy-oldie “Blessed Be Your Name,” that they first played in Southeastern University’s chapel.

“I’ll be honest,” Daniella says. “When Rich told us we were playing “Blessed Be Your Name” for chapel, my first reaction was, ‘What?’ The song’s old but not old enough to be old-school cool, you know? But I love what we’ve done with it.”

With its syncopated drumbeat, anthem-like vocals, and jagged distorted guitar riff, CPR throws out the polite church version of the song originally written by Matt Redman.

“We were inspired by Coldplay and Kings of Leon,” band leader Rich writes on the band’s blog ( “I really wanted a version that was up to speed with this generation. That’s what non-worship music does. And I want CPR to annihilate the idea that worship music is second best to music outside the church. Even the world has their values and standards. So I told them ‘Let’s supersede theirs.’”

You can worship with CPR at No Limits Church in Lake Mary, Florida with Senior Pastor Terry Baum each Thursday night at 7 p.m. and Sunday morning at 10 a.m. You will not be disappointed. Their eclectic worship stays true to their name and clearly ‘Revives the Heart of Worship.’

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