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Comments #10-12

March. 2. 2010.

Wonder If Her Arms Ever Got Tired

by Colour Sisterhood’s Bobbie

Comment #10

My Comment: Sometimes we do feel that we “deserve” to be negative or slip up because it seems that we have been doing good for so long. This is such an encouraging word and a wake up call to persevere as Christ did. I see this more as an issue for those Christians that don’t usually “sin badly.” I would call myself a goody two shoes, and others would more than agree. I have felt that pressure in the past to just do something once because “it will never hurt me.” Whether it harms me or not, it grieves our Father. He wats to see us prosper in every area of our lives and remain pure and righteous. It’s not about percentage, but perseverance!

Writers beware: Em dashes are overused and misunderstood

by PR Daily

Comment #11

My Comment: The EM dash is one of my favorite uses of punctuation. I feel like it conveys the way I speak—in sentences interrupted by further explanation. Although I love it, too much of anything is bad. Therefore, I am very cautious not to  overuse it. I have read articles were commas or semicolons could have been used instead. I see it as means of last resort. If you’re interested, there is even a Web site on on how to properly use the EM dash! Here is the link: EM dash.

Prophetic Evangelism That Touches The Heart And Soul

by End Times and Prophetic Words

Comment #12

My Comment: I know music ministers and worship leaders that see the prophetic solely as spontaneous worship. To minister in prophetic worship, you must receive insight from God. This is exactly what Jesus did during his ministry here on earth. As it says in John 5:19, Jesus did nothing unless He sees His Father doing it. Sensitivity to God’s Spirit is very important. We must learn God’s voice. I have learned that the best successes are a mixture of “Holy Spirit led” and using your God-given head.” As a prophetic lead worshipper, I am always trying to use this mixture to discover God’s insight for each particular service.

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