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T.O.W. #7: Tweeting on Twitter

March. 3. 2010.

When Twitter first came out, it was seen as something for celebrities to use so that their fans could follow them and know exactly what they were thinking every now and then. Personally, I never really saw any need for Twitter. I saw it as a shortened blog that can be filled with nonsense. Tweets such as ‘I am eating a sandwich and it is delicious’  just waste other people’s time. When I signed up for an account, I was enlightened a bit on how Twitter works and how I could benefit from it.

The benefits I received are as follows:

  • You are able to view quick and ready updates on others
  • You are able to learn interesting information from your favorite artists and celebrities
  • You are able to contact your favorite artists and celebrities
  • You are able to almost use it as a search Engine to gain more information about certain things
  • You are able to draw attention and traffic to you personal blog and/or Facebook

I know that people use Twitter to see instant updates. However, for me to actually see it, I would have to be simply sitting on the computer waiting for a “tweet.” Facebook, to me, is much more fulfilling to all my social networking needs. Twitter is basically a site for simply statuses.

I’m not trying to belittle Twitter, but for me…there is absolutely no need for having an account. It’s also a hassle to add another social networking thing to my list of Facebook, MySpace,WordPress and Tumblr. It’s hard enough to keep up on a regular basis with Facebook alone as it is! Yeah, there perks; however, I see the difference between a perk and a need.

Nevertheless, during this “Twitter period,” I mostly tweeted about how I was feeling at that current time, Scripture verses, quotes, insightful questions for people to think about for the day.

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