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Chapter 8: Pitch Letters, Advisories, Media Kits, and Op-Ed

March. 9. 2010.

Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques

by Dennis L. Wilcox

Pitch Letters– supposed to convince an editor that a staff reporter should be assigned to do a print or broadcast story on your product service, or event

  • research the publication
  • Prepare the pitch letter
  • Follow up the letter

Media Letters aka Media Advisories

  • The most common format uses short, bulleted items rather than long paragraphs
  1. A typical one-page advisory might contain the following elements
  2. one line headline
  3. brief paragraph outlining the story idea
  4. some of the journalism’s five W’s and H’s
  5. a short paragraph telling the reporter who to contact for more information or make arrangements
  • “Worlds largest salad bar”
  1. written in such a way that local reporters knew details of “when” and “where”
  2. television stations in other cities knew how to get video footage and soundbites via satellite
  • lets reporters and editors know about an interview opportunity
  • alerts the press to a local angle as part of a national story

Media Kit’s Basic Elements

  • a main news release
  • news feature
  • fact sheets on the product, organization, or event
  • background information
  • photos and drawings with captions
  • biographical material on the spokesperson or senior executive
  • some basic brochures

Op-Ed Articles

  • a good way for individuals and organizations to gain visibility among opinion leaders and position themselves as leaders of an industry
  • should be relatively short: 400-750 words
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