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March. 12. 2010.

PR Etiquette

Darcy O’Neil

Comment #13

My Comment: I really appreciated this article. Everyone lists the obvious write on topics that are interesting to people, write regularly, and interact with other blog users.  You however, incorporate original ideas-at least ones I have never heard of before. You encourage involving your blog in an RSS feed and to make “tags” that can make it easier to find your blog My question is, do you believe that having a good profile picture (if necessary), an appealing Web site layout, and an ease of accessibility can significantly increase the number of how many people read your blog if you already do the things you have on you list?

HotSpot Santa Clarita Blog

Too Brand or Not to Brand…

Comment #14

My Comment: As a PR person, do you think it is “ethical” to groom you client? With my client being a worship band, should I put time into their appearance and demeanor or should it remain raw? Susan Boyle is an example that comes to mind. She had a makeover in her wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Is this an ethical approach to a client-especially one in the industry of Christian music. I know in certain bands they have replaced people with the previous ban members. It was because they had the same level of talent but were more visually appealing. I am also into fashion, so do you think that I should double as the band’s manager and image consultant?

RedSphere Network

Personal Power Image Consultant

Comment #15

My Comment: These are very good tips on how to be a successful image consultant. I am the image consultant fora rock band right now and I believe that musical artists should be overly unique. The should possess an independent wow factor in the fashion department. Musicians are more than musicians. They are role models in all areas. If Jay-Z started wearing his hair with a green stripe running through it, I am pretty sure that some of his fans would start imitating it! There was an 80s band that once did their hair in the shape of how Wolverine had it. It was big and housed tons of hairspray. Nevertheless, people rocked the ‘do! The band remains a legend for their originality and courage to step out from normalcy.

La Ju’s Musikblog


Comment #16

My Comment: Your music blog is so helpful to me. It is maintained many times throughout the day and consistently updated. You also very diverse , yet specific. I am very eclectic when it comes to music, so I really appreciate that about you. I would suggest having a special list of songs for about 20 moods. I would also suggest having a music player in your blog. You can either upload the music from your computer or link it to an mp3 file on the Internet. To me, that would completely give you an advantage above most musicblogs. But, like I said your blog is still amazing…I commend you!

Busking Cancer

Band Promotion Blog

Comment #17

My Comment: Band promotion is so key in how famous and well-known a band can become. This is why managers are so powerful today. They almost control their musicians in the palm of their hands because of how successful they can make them (if the musicians are obedient). Oh, for the days of when musicians were actually known for their music more than anything! It is a combination of promotion, hype, appeal, and musical talent. Promotion, hype, and appeal leave talent at the bottom of the priority list. This is thorough and extensive. It is well thought. Which ones do you think are mot effective?

How to Blog Almost Everyday

Comment #18

My Comment: I think people underestimate the power of writing consistently in their blog. I have encountered the awkward encounter of blog-following. I also use Tumblr, so when a person asks me o follow them, sometimes I am reluctant. This is because I go to their blog to consider it and I am turned off by the fact that they write in it every one or two months. I don’t know how other bloggers feel about that, blogging inconsistency shows laziness and a lack of passion. The same goes for bloggers that create posts like spam mail. Some blogs I have stopped following because they were inconsistent with posts of substance. They have this “wow post once a month and in between the good ones were pointless, mindless things that I really thought should have been left ut of their blog.conistency means more that writing a lot.

How to Build a Home Studio

Lucind Watrous

Comment #19

My Comment: This was a very helpful article! I would never, ever consider the type of flooring, walls, and windows. When I think of building a studio, I immediately think about the technical equipment, computer software, and microphones. I commend you for thinking a step further (or, rather, a step behind). How much do you think that a high quality home recording studio would cost? I am going to start recording this summer and need to know how much I will be dishing out of my wallet! I have another question: What kind of artists do you know today that use home recording studios? I would like to start studying the sound.

How to Find Stage Clothes For Musicians

Comment #20

My Comment: I thought it was very clever of you to write that buying a band’s clothes from department stores or chains can be a bit dangerous because a member of the audience could be wearing it as well. A band’s clothing does need to be very unique. I am a fan of thrift stores, consignment shops, and vintage stores. As a band’s image consultant, I do understand that importance of each member looking good. However, that goes further than what I think they look good in. They need to look good in their own skin. Like you said, listening to them is very important. Good article!

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