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T.O.W. 9&10: PROpenMic

March. 20. 2010.

Recently, I joined a social network called PrOpenMic. It is a site that focuses on making connects with students, faculty, and practitioners. It allows you to post things from your blog to “advertise” it. Because PrOpenMic is another way of connecting others to your other sites you have such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc, it can attract attention to those sites. When people see you on PrOpenMic and like the things that you post and have a tendency of talking about, they are able to see the other sites that you are involved with. So, it’s a very good way to attract more people to other networking sites.

 There is also an extremely helpful mini database for people looking for jobs within the pubic relation field. There is a group called jobinternships that was started by Robert French. It updates new job listing and internships with their job description and location and contact information. Another perk is that this group is directly connected to Twitter so that you are able to get their updates there as well.

On this site, people can post discussions in forums. They are able to freely talk about anything they want to learn more about or even teach/make others aware of. You are able to do things such as upload videos and photos. Like Facebook and Twitter, you are able to change your statuses (automatically generated on Twitter), add music applications, and invite others to be friends as well.

 Another plus is that when you connect to one professional, you are also connected to all other professionals that they are in contact with.

The only downside I could see for this site is its attractiveness. It needs to be more visually appealing. Making the sight pretty is something that is easily fixable. Maybe they should hire me to do it?

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