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T.O.W. #11: Infographics

April. 1. 2010.

Formally known as Information Graphics, Jacob Gube describes infographics as “graphical depictions of data and information. By presenting information in a compact and creative approach, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers.” Basically, they are used to easily explain complex ideas.

If you want to create an infographic, you just need to make sure you have complex data. Then you need graphics to easily describe the data. And finally, you need to make sure that you possess enough knowledge to convey the meaning of this complicated topic.

For my client, CPR, I would use a bunch of pictures describing what they do and what they are about. Yeah, they are a worship band, but there is more to that. This infographic for CPR would be comical. It would have the following pictures:

  1. the entire band practicing while one of the goofier members, Megan, is off to the side is imitating Hot Rod movie quotes. Dustin is laughing and Rich is giving both of them a disapproving look. There are tons of stories that we could put on this.
  2. Steven downing 50 wings and makes everyone go to McDonald’s because he’s still hungry.
  3. The prank war between the girls and boys when they stayed over at a church in Cape Coral (the girls took the boys’ suitcases and let drift off on a boat in a river; the boys retaliated by replacing the cream in the girls’ favorite cookies, Oreos, with mayonnaise).
  4. A video scavenger hunt that made us all order a cheeseburger with no cheese, play duck, duck, goose in the middle of Target, make 10 people do the wave, and an old lady do a gangster dance.

This would create a more personal level with CPR. We really are just a band of goofs that love God and leading His people into worship.

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