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Chapter 12: Newletters, E-zines, and Brochures

April. 6. 2010.

Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques

by Dennis L. Wilcox

The Value of Print Publications

  • Newsletters and magazines in print form – as well as brochures in countless formats – are still alive and well in the age of cyberspace
  • Their look and feel, coupled with content, make a powerful, positive impression on clients, prospective customers, and opinion leaders

The Dual Role of the Editor

  • They financially manage the organization’s objectives and
  • Serve the interests of the employees or other constituents
  • The best editors understood the purpose of their publication
  • Develop missions statement that is simple, concise, and of 25 words or less

Newsletters and Magazines

  • Newsletters messages from the organization to various publics who want news and information
  • Civic and professional groups use newsletters to inform their members of upcoming meetings and events
  • Nonprofit organizations send donors and prospective contributors information about the agency’s programs and needs and recognize the efforts of current volunteers
  • Companies keep wholesalers informed about new product developments and offer ideas on how to market existing products

Electronic newsletters

  • E-zines- electronic newsletters that supplement printed publications


  • Write in terms of benefits to the reader
  • Prioritize your message in two or three key points
  • Tell the complete story in headlines
  • Include specific facts and figures
  • Use testimonials
  • Offer more information
  • Use positive language
  • Guarantee your products or service
  • Tell the next step

The Jargon of Printers

  • bleed – an element that extends beyond the trimmed edge of a finished page
  • dylux – the final proof of composed file work, made on photosensitive paper
  • camera-ready – description of artwork that is suitable for photographic reproduction on film or a printing plate
  • mechanical type, photos, line art, and so forth, assembled on a single board to be used for reproduction by a printer
  • plus cover – indicates that a brochure or booklet has a cover, usually a different paper stock that is added to the total pages in the piece
  • self-cover – a designation indicating that a brochure has the same paper for the inside pages as for the cover
  • scoring – creasing sheets of paper to make folding easier
  • electronic files – the copy, layout, artwork, etc., of a brochure or newsletter on diskette; used in desktop publishing to transfer files to a printer’s computer system
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