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T.O.W. #12: The Creative Career

April. 6. 2010.

The Creative Career

This interview was with a girl named Christie Maliyackel. She works at a healthcare consulting firm and is also a writer. She is working on a novel right now. She encourages those with passions that won’t exactly help pay the bills (especially student loans) to not give up on them. Rather, she tells them to do it on the side coupled with a job of steady income.

As easy it may sound, coupling a hobby that could potentially be a job with your actual career can be time-consuming. You have to time manage. Christie may have started writing her novel as a joke, but she followed through when people started responding to her work.

In this podcast, I got a different spin than what someone else might have. I have always loved writing poetry and songs, but I know that won’t exactly pan out all the way that I want it. This is why I am double majoring in Music Business and Church Music Performance. I may want to be a worship leader that writes songs and disciples others, but, like most ministry positions, that won’t pay a lot in the beginning. With an extra degree in Music Business, I will have more jobs to look forward to, more experience in an unknown field of music for me, and be a more desirable candidate for a job. I am pretty sure that if there are two people being considered for one job that the one with more education and filed experience will get it. (My Music Business degree has me intern at the Contemporary Music Center for an entire semester). There does need to be a sense of balance. Listening to Christie describe her “double lifestyle,” I am inspired to not let go of the dream I have in music, but to also be practical about my future.

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