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Comments #21-25

April. 10. 2010.

My Master’s Voice

Smart but Inadequate

Comment #21

My Comment: For a while now, I’ve felt inadequate when it comes to “fulfilling God’s will for my life.” What is it that I should be doing right now to help me get there? Should I be there already? Is that a sign that I shouldn’t be doing what I feel God is calling me to do? Am I wrong in thinking I could ever really be adequate as a worship leader? Then my friend told me of this passage that God had given to me about a month ago, but I honestly forgot about it: Exodus 4:10-15. God’s attracted to inadequacy. I just need Him to work on me…and patiently know that He is still faithful through the process.


poll dance: are you the temperamental artist-type?

by Carolee Sherwood

Comment #22

My Comment: As an artist, it’s difficult to remain in the “consciousness” that non-artists are in. If you’re an artist yourself, you know exactly what I’m talking about. People see you and wonder where on earth you’re coming from? And you’re easily lost in your own dimension. Non-artists think we’re crazy for thinking like that. They see us placing our work before food, water, money, and our reputation; and therefore, call us ridiculous, temperamental, and emotional. Or, worse, hobbyists! We get lost within our creativity so easily. To be on the same page with the rest of world is a rare entity. I try not to rant on about the simple beauty of grass while I’m talking to my professor about letting me turn in a paper a day late. Yes, he may ask, “Isn’t it gorgeous outside?” But I have to be in my “non-artist mode” right now. And because I don’t really care for the decor of insane asylums, I try not to make people uncomfortable because my mind is currently in complete artistic surrender. There’s a middle ground between being on the same page with those that may not understand our artistic tendencies and yielding to them…I call it wayward consciousness.

The dictionary defines wayward as “swayed or prompted by whimsical-ity.” It also defines consciousness as “the state of being aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.” If I were to rewrite the dictionary and give all those Websters a run for the money, I would redefine the word wayward as “a state of pulled out of a nature that is rebelliously or irregularly artistic.” I like the way Webster defines consciousness, so I’d leave it in this new dictionary of mine. If we put those two definitions together, you get: “being aware that one’s emotions, existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings tend to be rebelliously or irregularly artistic.”


Formal Blog of Diane D.M. Solis

Comment #23

My Comment: Webster defines creativity as the ability to create something new. Something that isn’t new is old. And something that is old is on the brink of death. Contrary to the popular opinion, I equate an individual’s creativity (be it in the form of music, fashion, art, architecture, literature, etc.) to that of the value of human life. Astonishing, you say? Let’s think this through. If I, for some ridiculous reason, could never createmy life would end. The only way my work would end, is if my life itself ended first. Therefore, creativity is equal to human life.

Generate More Publicity by Practicing ‘PR Etiquette 101′ 
by Diana Laverdure

Comment #24

My Comment: Some people do not realize how bus and hectic the average day of reports and PR people can be. They need to have their time respected. Above all, many people make the mistake of hassling reporters on their stories, not using first-class main, or taking them out to lunch and other events without being prepared to discuss a possible news release or an upcoming event. It is also really important to be short and to the point in e-mils to them. Also, write a detailed subject line. I am the manager and image consultant of a rock band. Like musicians, reporters are in a world of their own. You need to understand their habits before being  able to work with them.

How to Choose Between Mac and PC for Recording Music

by Henry

Comment #25

My Comment: Every single member in the rock band that I am manage and image consulting right now uses a Mac. I am looking to start recording some music myself over the summer. This was a little helpful. However, you were right when you said that it does sound like it is bashing Apple computers. But I have heard that having the only programs such as Logic, Reason, and Pro Tools on your computer is worth it because those are the best ones in the market. Are there any state-of-art recording software that you would highly recommend that would not be able to run on a Mac?

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