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T.O.W. # 13: PR Pet Peeves

April. 12. 2010.

So You Wanna Annoy a PR Person?? It’ Simple!

  • Give wrong information without any research. It’s not like they’ll lose their job or anything.
  • Make sure the comments on a website are presented in a way that makes them scroll to the bottom of the page to see the newest comments. Watching a webpage scroll is pretty fun!
  • Present all the comments on a website with a ridiculously small number of entries per page, like five, so that if a thread has 25 replies, you need to click onto five different pages to see them all. “Artificially inflating” a page is totally in.
  • Call them saying, “Did you get my news release?”  Don’t even think about automatically assuming that it was received it was sent using a regular channel of distribution such as first-class mail, a courier service, fax, or e-mail.
  • Call them to see when a story will be used. Most reporters are mostly sitting around their desk anyway, right? We are actually giving them something to do when we call. We are a helpful, little reminder. And of course it is ridiculous to assume that they do not know when the story will be used, or even if it will be used. It’s not like the editors make that decision based on time and the space available or anything.
  • Be sloppy with your News Release. Like I said before, reporters do not have much to do. They can afford to waste time. Don’t even bother to edit and proofread and correct little mistakes. Don’t bother to make it easier for them. They can handle it.
  • Take them out to lunch to talk about things other than business. They need to have some fun every now and then. Take a while to talk about your possible story or give background on some upcoming event.
  • Load their inbox with spam mail. Don’t make your e-mail short and to the point. Don’t be specific in the subject line. The problem with our society today is that we are so cut and dry.
  • Call them in the middle of the night to pitch a story. Go ahead and pitch that story that can wait until later to them at dawn. Even more convenient for you? Do it when they are halfway across the world. This way, you aren’t up at dawn.
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