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Stupid Band Photos

April. 21. 2010.

Stupid Band Photos

by Josh Fernandez

Being that my client is a band, I needed to do some research on how to take a good band photo. What better way than to read up on how not to take a band photo?

As a worship band, we have to make sure that our photo is not offensive or inappropriate in any way. We could not do a shot dressed like this:


It also cannot be unprofessional like this one:


Or too abstract like this one:


Fernandez goes into more detail about these shots and more.

CPR had their first shoot this February.  The photos were typical and consisted of the:

V-formation stance,

the side view,

the group ‘we love each other’ shot,

and the boys segregated from girls photo.

For the next shoot, however, they want to take the art up a thousand notches and think outside the box. We have been talking about recreating an ER room. This shoot would have the purpose of two distinct shots in the same pose. The first shot would have each band member holding/using medical tools/appliances and the other would have them using their instruments. Like I said, it would be in the same exact pose, so this is going to be challenging.

For example, Jeremy (drummer) would obviously be holding two drumsticks that would replace to defibrillation paddles and Michelle (keys) would play keys that would replace a cardiac monitor (since some have keyboards attached to it).

Instead of a play on words, it’s a play on instruments.

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  1. echertha permalink
    April. 24. 2010. 3:25 pm

    This is a really good post!
    A picture in general is important to come across in a matter that is putting the point across that is intended. A band picture, definitely needs to be good and have the right components in it to display the right message. I do not know the message behind your songs, but i do not know about the hospital room scene. I mean it might sound cool, or look cool, but does it go with the theme of your CD? You guys should choose a cool scene that has something to do with the message behind your music because then it puts a picture with the message, and that is better for the audience. Having a picture that has nothing to do with the music is confusing, and sometimes looked at as dumb rather than creative.
    Just a thought!

    Hope it works out well!!

    • April. 26. 2010. 10:46 am

      Well, I believe it is related. That’s why we would have two pictures. The second one has all the band members in the exact same poses but on stage with our instruments. We would like to use the Emergency Room because the band name is CPR and the motto is “Reviving the Heart of Worship.”

  2. April. 29. 2010. 2:31 pm

    Great Post! Taking a good band picture is really important because this is what everyone will see when they first hear about your band. I liked the pictures you guys took, and I think you have a great idea for your next band shoot. It’s really important to stress who you are as a band with your band photo. I think recreating the emergency room is perfect because like you said above, it goes perfectly with your band name and motto. Keep thinking like this! Don’t be afraid to be creative and do something different. Try new angels, new stances, and play with new ideas. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your photos!

  3. April. 29. 2010. 10:26 pm

    Since this is one of areas of expertise, I agree with you that promoting your group is highly important, but also how you will promote them. Depending on the type of people that the group is targeting will determine the type of photo for promotion. Some abstract can be used for a worship though. It’s all how you do it. I really like the photo for CPR they look great. I would suggest next to start working on a team logo and maybe T-shirts to sell at your venues. Got to have some income to help pay expenses. Have you print glossy pics of the team and sold those? Let me know if you need any help in that area.


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