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T.O.W. #14: Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling

April. 23. 2010.

In the News University course titled Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling, I learned to have a multidimensional story in terms of media. I should take advantage of each form of media to tell my story in the best way possible. This will draw in readers and appeal to a larger number of them.

Always carry your equipment in a little camera-like bag. If you ae flying, be sur not to check the bag. Carry it on the plane with you. Be prepared at all times! Also, airlines could lose that set of vital gear.

The five types of media that were highlighted were video, audio, still photos, graphics, and text.

In video, be sure that they are short. Do not bore the viewers with a video longer tha 3 or 4 minutes. When using people to talk to the camera as in an interview, keep talking heads to a few seconds and make sure to capture their environment and what they do when you are not interviewing them. Also, videos on the Internet sometimes can’t handle fast movement, so keep that to a minimum.

Audio should always high-quality. If it is not absolutely clearly audible, use subtitles. Avoid background music unless it is absolutely needed for the story.

This most important and insightful thing to me was this: Photos are used to replace 1,000 words not as accessories to words. I have never viewed photos as that before. Photos can also be used in two ways: to tell story individually or to tell a story as a slide show would—sequentially.

Use Flash to animate Graphics, which can be used as the centerpiece of a story.

Since text can be used as a crutch when other media fails. Make sure that is left for last after the rest of the media in the story has been completed. Text works best for first person stories, political stories, analysis, op-ed pieces and short updates.

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