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Social Media News Release: Into the Hallway

April. 27. 2010.

Into the Hallway From Left to Right: Dustin, Jeremy, Steven (Dani not present)

  “Doctor, Some CPR Malfunctioning Seems To Be Occurring!”           

Lakeland, Fla. — Is there need of a sudden rush to the Emergency Room? Rumors of CPR’s Dustin, Dani, Steven, and Jeremy leaving the band have been swarming around Southeastern University’s Campus. In this past April, the four have already performed 12 shows in Florida going by the name Into the Hallway. Their most recent show was Friday, April 23. Titled Fuego, this was a benefit concert toward the support of Haiti, Honduras, and Peru. After performing more shows in a month than CPR has in the past four months, it has made a lot of Southeastern students really curious as to how this “mini band” even formed. So a group of them asked them questions at the Fuego Benefit Concert.         

“It all started with that one concert on our campus at Southeastern…the Haiti benefit concert?” Dustin reminisced. “Rich, Ashley, Michelle, Brock, and Megan were all unavailable at the last minute to do it. It’s a good thing I did a fair share of leading a worship band in high school and that Dani can play keys as she sings.”        

The month of April had to be a rough one for CPR, for it to be an adventurous one for Into the Hallway. Newly engaged band leader Rich and his fiancée Ashley (who joined the band in February) are recording their original single, “You Stay the Same.” Yes, Rich’s heart-throb career (stated in his recent Personality Profile) was short-lived. The couple plans to have it officially released this summer so that they have time to make wedding plans. Keyboardist Michelle’s herniated disk has prevented her from playing this month. Brock, electric guitarist, had surgery three weeks ago for a tear that was discovered in his colon. At first, it was mistaken for his Crone’s disease and left unattended. Luckily, they were able to operate in time. Megan has been spread thin as she doubles up her singing with a Spanish worship band called Adoración.        

“We never meant to actually form a band,” drummer Jeremy explains. “It just turned out that way. We were lucky enough to have the meat of a worship band: a male and female vocal duo, synth, electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Rich is alright with the fact that we accept the gigs that the rest of the band isn’t able to do. He’s swamped with preparing a life with Ashley.”        

“The band name Into the Hallway started at our first gig without the rest of CPR,” Dani laughs. “We were the most unprepared band ever! Dustin didn’t print out any chord charts and Steven’s going ‘Wait…what songs are we playing?’ We found out a half hour before the show that we were the main band of the night. We freaked out! We only had three songs practiced and were already attempting to wing another one…Then Dustin went, “Into the hallway!” We literally brought all of our unplugged instruments into this carpeted hallway and practiced three more songs there. I pretended to hold out chords on the keyboard. Jeremy was playing the drums and beat-boxing to give us a feel of the song. It was great! And the guitarists—even Steven on his bass!—were strumming away.”        

The April gigs for Into the Hallway, have been quite successful. They were the headlining concert in a show in Ocala, Florida. The band that they preceded was the new screamo band Hope for Tomorrow. “I feel like we are feeding off the popularity of CPR,” Steven said. “But we’re adding a whole new flair with this quote-on-quote mini band.”         

With new role as band-leader, Dustin proved to have a phenomenal stage presence. He not only won the crowd with his quirky personality, but surprised us all with wide-range vocals. We were also introduced to his originality as he played keytar that night. “I have been under Rich’s leadership for a while, so it was a very awkward feeling at first to do it again—especially over the same people he leads. I was a bit unprepared with making sure everyone had chord charts. The first gig should have been a train wreck, but God pulled through. I’ve learned my lesson…Now I know why Dani is CPR’s Band Administrator. She’s so good at calling event coordinators, scheduling practice times and rooms, making copies of charts, and even signaling the rest of the band on stage when I forget to. It’s more of a duo-leading than anything.”      


Their set list for Fuego opened with Dani singing “Let God Arise” by Chris Tomlin. Dustin led the next two David Crowder songs “Everything Glorious” and “Forever and Ever.” The keytar on the latter song mesmerized the crowd. After what was supposed to be the last chord of the song, a cry for an encore erupted from the crowd. The majority of their stage time was spent on their last song, “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan.      


“I know for a fact that tonight was the most freely I have ever sung in my entire life,” Dani squealed after the concert. “It was all God, because the key that was the easiest to transition into made me sing a lot higher than I am comfortable with.” With its incredibly low and poetic verses and high chorus, “How He Loves” was a perfect song choice for Dani’s voice. She sang the highest and strongest she as has ever sung in her singing career. She evoked the passion that made the crowd desire to dive into the deep love of God. Thus, adding six more minutes to the already 8-minute long song. Makes us wonder why she doesn’t belt out those high notes more often…      


Despite their success, Into the Hallway assures us that they will never really pursue a career as a separate band—unless God calls them to, of course. These series of events for CPR may not be a call into the ER; rather, they should go off into the hallway and pray about it.   

Into the Hallway is, for the time being, directly affiliated with CPR. CPR is an Lakeland, Florida based worship band company that provides music to appropriate venues, churches, and events. Since 2009, CPR has consistently committed to “Revive the Heart of Worship.” For more information on CPR, please call 631.903.9224 or visit their Facebook Page at CPR.   

Disclaimer: Jeremy and Steven planned on performing at the Fuego concert, but were unable to make it. Dustin’s friends from Ocala (Robert, Brad, and Biggers played with Into the Hallway). Into the Hallway has only played 2 official events). And the website listed above has not been authorized yet.

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  1. gilboy629 permalink
    April. 28. 2010. 11:14 pm

    I enjoyed this post a lot, I love hearing about new artists and there information. Some of these guys I see walking around campus and I didn’t even know that they were part of a band, hopefully they continue there journey as a bad and maybe will get big time one day. I love seeing succeed, and judging from this post they have great background and to see this band succeed will make me extremely happy. They have a great name too, it original and fun. Good luck guys!!

  2. April. 29. 2010. 1:10 pm

    Amazing post! Awesome interview and quotes. This is the type of story that makes you want to read more and more! Keep up the great writing, and continue to expose the world of music, as as well as connecting it to Public Relations!


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