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Chapter 15: Direct Mail and Advertising

April. 28. 2010.

Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques

by Dennis L. Wilcox


The Basics of Direct Mail

  • Direct Mail: letters and accompanying material mailed to large groups of people is a form of marketing
  • advantages:
  1. targeting your communication to specific individuals
  2. personalization
  3. cost-effectiveness
  • disadvantages
  1. its image as “junk mail”
  • 5 basic components:
  1. mailing envelope
  2. letter
  3. basic brochure
  4. reply card
  5. return envelop


The Basics of Public Relations Advertising

  • Advantages
  1. audience selection: specific audiences can be reached with advertising messages on the basic s such variables as location, age, income, and lifestyle
  2. message control: you can be sure your message is reproduces in the exact word you choose an in the sequences you have planned
  3. impact: you can make your messages as big, frequent, and powerful as you choose
  4. timing: advertising can guarantee your message will be timely
  • Disadvantages
  1. cost- paid space is expensive
  2. credibility: advertisements are generally less believable than publicity that appears in the news columns or on broadcast news shows
  3. poor defense strategy: running an ad is a frequent reaction to crisis that is usually too late


types of public relations advertising

  • image building
  • investor and financial relations
  • public service
  • announcements
  • advocacy/issues


Creating a print ad

  • deadline
  • text
  • art work
  • layout


Other advertising channels

  • billboards
  • transit panels
  • buttons and bumper stickers
  • posters
  • t-shirts
  • promotional items
  • product placements
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