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T.O.W. #16: My Top Ten List for New Bloggers

April. 29. 2010.

My Top Ten For New Bloggers:

  1. PROOFREAD: Enough said.
  2. VISUAL APPEAL: I would compare a blog to a silent presentation. It is there presenting itself, but no can speak for it. Does it really mater what your blog looks like if you write about fascinating topics already?  I believe it does. I have visited blogs that are very insightful, helpful, and informational; however, they lack that “wow” factor in the looks department. I compare these types of blogs to ugly boys with great personalities. The saying goes, “Looks aren’t everything.” But we all know they count for something! Make sure the posts have a reasonably sized font that is easy to read. In the article “Visual Appeal Helps Retain Traffic,” the author says, “you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression.” They also further give some statistics. “According to Consumer Web Watch, the factors shoppers use to judge website credibility are; 46.1% judge credibility by “Website Design Look” (ie; the way your site looks) and 28.5% judge credibility by “Information Design” (ie; the way your content looks).” So consider carefully how your blog looks!!
  3. If you have a video blog, photo blog, or music blog, choose a layout best serves the media’s purpose.
  4. WRITE POSTS THAT PEOPLE WILL WANT TO READ: If you want people to go out of their way to read your blog, go out of your way to be interesting and unique. Make it an experience for them. In Priya Shah’s article How to Build Traffic to Your Blog she says to, “Make your posts conversational, pithy and topical. Keep them short and stick to one topic per post.”
  5. BE CONSISTENT:  People underestimate the power of writing consistently in their blog. I have encountered the awkward encounter of blog-following. I also use Tumblr, so when a person asks me o follow them, sometimes I am reluctant. This is because I go to their blog to consider it and I am turned off by the fact that they write in it every one or two months. I don’t know how other bloggers feel about that, blogging inconsistency shows laziness and a lack of passion. The same goes for bloggers that create posts like spam mail. Some blogs I have stopped following because they were inconsistent with posts of substance. They have this “wow post once a month and in between the good ones were pointless, mindless things that I really thought should have been left ut of their blog.conistency means more that writing a lot.
  6. BE HONEST: No one likes to be lied to or misinformed. Make sure you research your information.
  7. PROMOTE YOUR BLOG: Be involved with other bloggers and create tags for search engines that will make it easy for people to find your blog.
  8. CREATE EASY COMMENT ACCESS: Make sure your blog is easily accessible to post a comment on the page.
  9. CREATE A SEARCH BOX: Insert a widget or layout that has a search function for your blog posts.
  10. CREATE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION: Sometimes, before someone even visits your blog, they are introduced the blog title and your profile picture. Make sure that you have an appropriate “About Me” section and that your blog title that is easy to remember and explains the blog’s purpose.
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