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The Visual Appeal of a Blog

April. 30. 2010.

I would compare a blog to a silent presentation. It is there presenting itself, but no can speak for it. Does it really mater what your blog looks like if you write about fascinating topics already?  I believe it does. I have visited blogs that are very insightful, helpful, and informational; however, they lack that “wow” factor in the looks department. I compare these types of blogs to ugly boys with great personalities. The saying goes, “Looks aren’t everything.” But we all know they count for something!

The visual appeal of a blog does not just mean how “pretty” it looks. How easily accessible is it to post a comment on the page? Is there a search function for the blog available? Is the font at a reasonable size? Is the font readable? Do the colors make it difficult to read? Does the author have an appropriate profile picture (if necessary)? Is the “About Me” section appropriate? Is the blog title easy to remember and explain the blog’s purpose? Do they incorporate hyperlinks, photos, videos, and music? Does the blog look like it has been proofread? Believe it or not, accuracy is also linked to how someone feels visually about the blog.

There is also a need to make sure the layout of your blog serves the main function of your blog. This pertains more for video blogs, photo blogs, and music blog.

In the article “Visual Appeal Helps Retain Traffic,” the author says, “you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression.” They also further give some statistics. “According to Consumer Web Watch, the factors shoppers use to judge website credibility are; 46.1% judge credibility by “Website Design Look” (ie; the way your site looks) and 28.5% judge credibility by “Information Design” (ie; the way your content looks).”

So consider carefully how your blog looks!!

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